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Need more business? Not getting enough listings! Are sales non-existent? About to throw in the towel and change careers…again? If so, stop! The answers to your problems could be a real estate marketing script.A good marketing script can give a serious boost to your real estate business. While there are plenty of scripts to choose from my recommendation is to go with one that farms expired listings!Why? Because expired listings are plentiful, easy to find and are some of the best leads you can get – whether you source them free or purchase them through a service!But expired real estate marketing scripts aren’t your only options. There are scripts for everything from FSBOs to farming first time home buyers! In fact, the more successful listing and selling real estate agents have a real estate marketing script of some kind. And when you get one too, you can also achieve the level of success that they routinely enjoy.You could become so successful that you might even find yourself in the enviable position of needing hired help to handle all of the new business you generate. That would be a nice problem to have!The best thing about a real estate marketing script, whether it’s targeting FSBOs, expireds, or whatever you choose, is that they’ll help you save you time while making money. All of the work is done for you, as most scripts come with everything you need to succeed; letters, logs, marketing update reports and other information and documents you need to get the most use out of the script.The bottom line is a good marketing script offers a proven system that works in almost any market, regardless of city, county or state.Slowed down market? No problem! Real estate still selling briskly in your market? Good! Whatever your market conditions a real estate marketing script can help separate you from your competitors and establish you as the agent of choice.Now, the difference between a good script and a great one, at least in my opinion, is that a great script will have prospects calling you…rather than you calling them! Cold calling, if not dead, is in “intensive care.” The National Do Not Call List has put a serious dent in your ability to call people at will.An expired listing script, however, doesn’t necessarily require you to “cold call” prospects. In fact, I farmed expired listings with just letters and averaged 2 plus listings a week.At the end of the day marketing scripts eliminate the guess work from effective real estate marketing by clearly outlining in simple steps what to do, what to do it with, when to do it, how to do it and how often it should be done!.Yep, the hard part is done for you! All you need to do is follow the directions that come with whatever script you choose!Finally, before you purchase a real estate marketing script only consider those that offer a satisfaction money back guarantee. If the scripts are as good as advertised this should not be a problem.Also, call before purchasing to see if you get through to a live person. And beware! If you can’t reach a live person before you purchase a script you probably won’t be able to reach anybody in the event you want a refund.Summarily, a good real estate marketing script can be a huge boost to your career. It can jump start a new one while re-energizing an old one. Get one for yourself today!

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Effective real estate web site design includes rich content, and lots of it. Optimized keyword pages can help you get your web site indexed by search engines and key to that is the uniqueness and quality of your content.Well written, unique content will get you noticed by human visitors and search engine spiders alike. So, the better your content the more likely search engines and visitors will reward you with high rankings and lots of traffic.A web site can help sell you as the agent of choice. Potential buyers, sellers, renters and investors can notify you through your web site about their real estate interests. They will come to your web site to learn more about buying, selling and financing real estate and leave with mortgage loan and financing information…and you will be established as an expert who can assist them with their needs.And you can become a guru about such marketing resources quickly, easily and affordably with pre-written marketing reports. They are one of the fastest, most affordable ways to create rich, dynamic real estate web site content!When optimized as keyword rich web site pages they can generate leads and help you get more listings and close more sales. Obviously, the more content you have on your web site the more business opportunities you will create.Marketing reports are near instant, economical ways to get noticed both by prospects and search engines. And once you have their interest you can use the reports to cultivate relationships with them.With human visitors the payoff off will be increased earnings and with search engines you’ll be rewarded with higher search engine rankings, which can also result in greater profits.Successful marketing requires timely and relevant market information, which you can provide via marketing reports. You can use them as web site content pages, articles, email messages set up in sequential auto-responders and the like. The uses are near endless.However you use them just use them, as they provide a competitive marketing edge that will help you stand out from other, but less savvy, marketing agents.Smart agents are constantly on the lookout for new and more responsive real estate marketing tips, tools and strategies. For these agents marketing reports are worth considering.Although agents are increasingly going live with web sites, few actually now how to optimize them and/or earn money from them. For example, most agents don’t realize that the most effective web sites are comprised of hundreds, if not thousands of web site pages; keyword specific pages that revolve around a theme.Many people will look at the Table of Contents (TOC) on a site and assume that that is all there is to them, but unseen in the TOC is an undefined number of pages that are hard at work directing visitors to the web sites through many unseen, but business building links which are easily created through Prewritten Reports.In closing, effective Realtor web sites include lots of keyword rich content pages, and lots of them. They help to get web site pages indexed by search engines faster and attract visitors like bees to honey. If you don’t have enough prospects leads, listings or buyers real estate marketing reports may be just what you need to boost your results.

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Offering Product not a Property.In looking at some basic real estate marketing principles, you need to set yourself apart from everyone else. It’s just a fact that there is always a good amount of competition in every market that you will enter. Even when you find that niche market, where there is money to be made others will follow.The good thing is that doesn’t matter. You can have all the competition I the world, but as long as you set yourself apart and stand out, you can come out on top. Now I know that sounds logical, but there are so many in business that are imitating others. The end result tends to be that they are always a step behind and second best.In following the group mentality you will become part of the “heard” and no longer stand out. If everyone is rushing in one direction do yourself a favor and do the opposite. As always there are exceptions to the rules, but for the majority of the time this is the best strategy.Now there is nothing wrong with following a system that is successful and getting results. However you must remember that the more people following a system the less effective it tends to become. This is where you start to create your own real estate marketing principles.An idea on how to separate your business is to offer a product, not just a property. In real estate investing we offer solutions to retail buyers, landlords, other investors, and/or tenants. The idea behind your marketing strategy is to create a product that provides value, out of the service you bring to the table. As you market your product effectively you will start to separate yourself from the competition.Things you can include that have little cost to you.- Market Reports surrounding the area- Lists of contractors, title agent, mortgage consultants, credit repair and etc.- For Retail list of shopping, stores, and area restaurants,- And whatever else you can think up!Remember the idea is to create a product that provides value and a solution to the problem. When you start to stand out above the rest people will start looking for you. As you become the expert and provide the solutions others are looking for others will start to follow you. As the leader in a market success is inevitable. So go out and create a title for your product and start building a “brand” that people can expect and want from you.

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Generating good real estate web site content is hard, but writing effective content is harder. And forget about publishing good, useful web content quickly on a regular basis, because if you’re anything like me you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to do it.However, the better the quality of your content the more value it adds to your web site. If your human visitors like it the search engines will probably like it, too. And of course this all makes since when you consider that your site visitors are looking for helpful information and search engines are pleased when your visitors are.When you have an online presence it doesn’t matter whether someone is next door to you or on the other side of the world – they can see your web site just the same as anyone else can, at no extra cost to you or to them. You can make friends and contacts in places you’ve never been and will never go. Suddenly, it’s as easy to market globally as it is to market locally.Pre-written Real Estate Marketing Content is readily available and can be used in a variety of ways; as marketing reports, articles, web site content and the like. Above all it offers a way to provide useful information and gain the trust of your readers and site visitors.If you’re a good, fast writer you might consider writing your material yourself. While you might be able to save the cost of a professional writer, you have to ask yourself how much will you really save when you factor in the loss of business while you are painstakingly grinding out one article after another. There’s very little upside to doing a $15.00 an hour job when you could be making thousands.Many real estate web sites appear to have just a few pages. However, they often times have upwards of hundreds of pages that you may never see, but they are hidden, hard working pages feeding the search engines and directing visitors to them. Real estate prospects find these pages by way of different keywords and visit the web sites that appeal to their interests.Perhaps that’s why Marketing Reports are becoming increasingly popular. They’re a fast and affordable way to create content rich, dynamic real estate web site! The more pages you have the more business opportunities you will create, and the faster you can do it the sooner you can benefit from the traffic and leads you can generate using them.Optimized real estate web site content can also help you get your real estate web site indexed by search engines faster, and the more unique the content the greater its’ perceived value. Plus, consumers can get answers to frequently asked questions, as well as determine the types of home available in their price ranges.A well designed web site offers an online presence to advertise your listings and services. It also provides a platform to showcase your knowledge. It’s an efficient way to expose consumers to your marketing message, sign them up as prospects and convert them to viable leads.The real estate market is very competitive and the most successful agents have found ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And a real estate web site is just one of the ways to do it. If visitors like your site content they’ll keep returning, as will the search engines.Summarily, the most successful real estate agents usually have lots of leads, buyers and sellers. And one lead generating system that works well is marketing through Real Estate Marketing Reports. They’re easy to find, are relatively inexpensive and often ready to be used as soon as you upload them to your web site.